Helping super funds deliver the best outcome for each and every member

Super trustees face an uphill task of sourcing retirement income products that will help their members enjoy a comfortable retirement, secure in the knowledge that their money will last. 

Allianz Retire+ is a leading Australian provider of retirement income solutions.  

Our Group Retirement Solutions specialists work with super funds to create a retirement offering for their members that provides income stability in their post-work years.  

The benefits of partnering with Allianz Retire+

Allianz Retire+ leverages the resources, technology and capabilities of the Allianz Group to help super trustees fulfil their retirement income obligation of maximising sustainable and stable retirement income for members.

  • We are a market leader in retirement income solutions.

  • We provide innovative and sustainable long-term retirement solutions.

  • We build bespoke solutions that align with each fund’s goals.

  • Our products are designed to  deliver financial certainty in retirement.

Providing a covenant-ready, fully integrated retirement income solution

Allianz Retire+ provides covenant-ready retirement income solutions that, until now, have not been widely available in Australia.

What sets us apart is the ability to leverage the world-leading resources of the Allianz Group, along with the considerable expertise in group insurance and life risk, to deliver sustainable solutions that meet the needs of super funds and their members.





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Unwavering in our commitment to innovation and excellence

At Allianz Retire+, we are driven by our commitment to innovate and transform retirement outcomes.

Our mission is to help our super partners realise their goal of helping members live the best retirement possible.


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    Catherine van der Veen

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    Lucy Foster

    Head of Group Retirement Solutions Client Delivery