The future of retirement is here

The retirement landscape is rapidly shifting; there’s a generational wave of Australians rolling into retirement who are living longer than ever before.

As a result, there is a surging demand for retirement products that deliver income certainty, protection and flexibility. Products that give retirees peace of mind so they can enjoy the retirement they’ve worked all their lives for.

Providing certainty for members - for life

Allianz Retire+ is an Australian company delivering next-generation retirement income solutions. We’re transforming life in retirement by providing modern and flexible solutions and education to remove uncertainty and allow retirees to spend confidently in their post-work years.





Solving the member ‘what ifs’

At Allianz Retire+, we’re in the business of helping Australians secure the best retirement possible. We understand that life after work is full of unknowns, and super fund members are seeking answers to their retirement ‘what ifs’:

Estate plannng

What if I want to ensure my loved ones are looked after when I’m gone?

Investment growth

What if I want to remain invested to grow my savings?

Access to money

What if I need to access money for unexpected expenses?


What if I run out of money?


What if I wish to protect my investment from market volatility?

Income stability

What if I can’t count on a steady, stable income?

Retirement timing

What if I’m forced to stop work before I’m ready to?

Age Pension eligibility

What if I want to optimise eligibility for the Age Pension?





Innovation is in our DNA

At the heart of our market-leading retirement income solution is a commitment to innovation and excellence.

This philosophy is also deeply embedded in our culture. We’re leaders in the industry and our people have amassed a formidable wealth of knowledge and experience to create transformative solutions for retirees.

We’ve also assembled the most respected experts in the super, aged care and retirement industries to help drive innovation in the retirement sector.


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